Thinklogical’s VelocityDVI systems offer best-in-class fiber optic performance with advanced video, audio and peripheral capabilities. VelocityDVI extenders offer 6.25Gbps bandwidth, to achieve uncompressed, high resolution video with no latency, lost frames or artifacts. Systems are simple plug and play designs, utilizing either multi-mode or single mode fiber. For routing applications, VelocityDVI systems are compatible with Thinklogical’s MX and VX Series Routers.


VelocityDVI systems have a simple transmit and receive design. The VelocityDVI Transmitter connects to the source to receive video, audio and peripheral data. The data is multiplexed with Thinklogical’s patented MRTS Technology, and transmitted over SFP+ technology for up to 80 kilometers. Fiber provides a secure connection from the transmitter to the receiver, where MRTS Technology demultiplexes the data stream to deliver uncompressed data to the destination. VelocityDVI systems are powered by Thinklogical’s patented Multi-Rate Transmission System (MRTS) technology, which enables multiple data streams (video, audio and peripheral) to be transmitted up to 80km, over a single data stream. MRTS completely reconstructs the data clock at the destination, to offer perfect synchronization with each transmitted stream.


A VelocityRGB/DVI 10 system requires two fibers for the standard configuration. The forward channel is dedicated to transmitting video, audio and peripheral data from the source to the destination. The return channel is dedicated to transmitting DDC/EDID and peripheral data from the destination to the source. All Thinklogical VelocityRGB/DVI systems are configurable with multi-mode or single mode fiber. The VelocityRGB/DVI 10 extension systems are designed to support one analog or single-link DVI display, as well as full duplex stereo audio and serial (RS-232).
Extenders may be further configured with redundant data paths and separate audio and/or peripheral data paths.



VelocityRGB/DVI 10 systems are available in two, completely compatible form factors. The fixed extenders are factory configured, as a single unit chassis. The modular extenders are compact and hot-swappable, enabling users to field configure any modular chassis. Additionally, the optical modules within the modular extenders are hot-swappable. The modular systems promote system flexibility, scalability and a reduced maintenance effort. For additional information, please see Fixed and Modular Chassis specifications.