• Sends one Single-Link DVI video signal (Single-Link 1:2 and Single-Link 1:4 models only)
  • Sends one Dual-Link DVI video signal to two displays (Dual-Link 1:2 model only)
  • Flawless image quality with no frame dropping
  • DDC2B compliant (Video source connects to output 1)
  • Simple plug and play
  • Small form factor
  • Compatible with all Thinklogical™ DVI Extenders


The DVI Splitters from Thinklogical sends a video source to either 2 or 4 displays without any signal loss. Installation is plug-and-play, no adjustments necessary.

The Models:

  • The VDA-1 (SL 1:2) distributes a Single-Link DVI video source to two Single-Link displays.
  • The VDA-2 (SL 1:4) distributes a Single-Link DVI video source to four Single-Link displays.
  • The VDA-3 (DL 1:2) distributes a Dual-Link DVI video source to 2 Dual-Link displays.


  • Video Resolution Single-Link DVI 1920 x 1200Dual-Link DVI 3840 x 2400Supply Voltage +5.0 VDCOperating Temp. 0°-50°C; (32°-122°F)Humidity 5-95% RH, non-condensingDimensions For VDA-1 and VDA-3:Height: 1.187” (3.00cm)Depth: 1.920” (4.90cm)Width: 6.130” (15.60cm)For VDA-2:Height: 1.187” (3.00cm)Depth: 2.689” (6.80cm)Width: 7.080” (18.00cm)(Tolerance: ± .010”; .025cm)


    Weight: <1lb (0.45kg) each

    Shipping Weight: 3lbs (1.36kg) each

    Power Consumption 3 watts per unit

    DC Adapter AC/DC adapter universal input 90-264 VAC (supplied)

    Warranty 12 months from date of shipment; Extended warranties available