• CWDM/DWDM 1U Rack Mount Unit
  • 6 Modules per 1U
  • 18 Wavelengths Available (from 1270-1610, 20nm spacing)
  • 4 Channel or 8 Channel Configurations
  • Operating Temperature 0°C-65°C
  • Standard LC Connectors (Single Mode)
  • Low Insertion Loss
    • 4 Channel= 1.5 dB
    • 8 Channel= 2.5 dB
  • Cascadable


Increase fiber bandwidth capacity by transmitting multiple data channels using separate optical wavelengths – 1270nm to 1610nm – on the same fiber

The TRANSplex is a 4 to 8 channel optical CWDM/DWDM multiplexer/demultiplexer.  It allows for transmission of multiple protocols over an existing fiber link by combining the fiber outputs of multiple media converters. The TRANSplex system is completely passive, i.e. requires no main or DC power to be applied, with all of the transmission power coming from the source optics. In addition, it supports a variety of wavelength combinations and port configurations, which ultimately enables more information to be sent over the existing fiber media. This makes the solution highly reliable and cost-effective.



Rack Size: EIA 19”

Height: 1U- 1.72” (4.40 cm)

Depth: 8.875” (22.5 cm)

Width: 17.49” (44.5 cm)

(Tolerance: ±.039”; .100 cm)

Weight: ≈ 8.5 lb. (≈ 3.855 kg.)

Operating Temperature: 0º C to 65º C

Storage Temperature: -40º C to 85º C



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Part Numbers

TPX-000006 TRANSplex CWDM Rack Mount Chassis
TPM-4CH001-LC TRANSplex Module, 4 Channel, 1270-1330NM, LC
TPM-4CH002-LC TRANSplex Module, 4 Channel, 1470-1530NM, LC
TPM-8CH001-LC TRANSplex Module, 8 Channel, 1270-1410NM, LC
TPM-8CH002-LC TRANSplex Module, 8 Channel, 1470-1610NM, LC

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