Navy Tech 2024 | Tallin, Estonia | Sponsor/Speaking

Thinklogical's Sr Military Consultant Rear Admiral (Ret'd) Paddy McAlpine will be a distinguished speaker at the Navy Tech 2024 event in Tallinn, Estonia. February 1st at 9:30 "Leveraging Technology for Operational Gain."

AFCEA Spring Intelligence

TRANSFORMING OUR INTELLIGENCE ADVANTAGE: THE PIVOT TO DATA CENTRICITYThe 42nd Annual AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium returns to the NGA Campus East in Springfield, VA on March 19-20, 2024. This classified TS/SI/TK two-day flagship intelligence event is a forum for Intelligence Community professionals and an ideal venue for networking, professional development, and learning about the nation’s hardest intelligence challenges.

The 2024 Symposium will include candid conversations about digital transformation within the Department of Defense and the IC, advanced and low-tech threat-informed R&D, and the implications for partnerships between government, industry, and academia. Symposium participants will gain a more informed perspective on the most up-to-date intelligence needs and how the public and private sectors can collaboratively mitigate risk.

AUSA – Global Force

THEME: Continuous Transformation to Deliver Ready Combat Formations.
SCOPE: The Army will transform iteratively and continuously to become a leaner, more agile fighting force with a lower signature and increased lethality that is sustainable in a contested environment.

Getting our Soldiers what they need to fight anywhere in the world – precise and predictive sustainment – and deliver critical requirements to the Combatant Command.

OBJECTIVE: Create opportunities for Army, academia, and defense industry leaders to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest to ensure highly trained, modern and ready Army that operates from ground to space with sufficient, credible combat power to reassure our allies and partners, and win our nation’s wars.


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