TLX Client Integration Virtual Machine Module

Create more secure, productive and higher performance VDI systems using Thinklogical extension solutions with integrated client machines. Efficiently “back rack” your client machines and high end graphic computers, while providing flexible, secure and high performance user access through Thinklogical extension and switching systems.


Thinklogical now offers an extender (transmitter) module with an integrated client machine. The integrated client machine can host any standard VDI client software, including those produced by VMware®, Citrix®, Microsoft®, etc. It is also compatible/agnostic to third party accredited software images.


With Thinklogical’s integrated client machine, the customer no longer requires separate VDI client machines; rather, they connect the VDI servers directly to the Thinklogical transmitters (where the client machines now reside), saving as much as 50% of the space previously required for the client machines and transmitters in the rack room.


The system is modular, hot-swappable and high density, with up to four client machines per rack unit. Configurations support single-head or dual-head systems up to uncompressed 4K resolution at 30Hz frame rate.


  • Back-rack VDI Thin Clients for Security and Ease of Maintenance
  • Significantly Reduce the Risk of the Insider Threat
  • No Network Ports at the Desk
  • No USB 2.0 Hub at the Desk
  • Provide a More Productive and Efficient Workspace
  • Stateless Receiver Enables Access to Any Authorized Network,
  • No Hard Wired Networks: Ability to Easily Reconfigure the Desk by Network or Classification Level
  • Eliminate Clutter on the Desk
  • Significant Rack Space Savings
  • Reduced Cabling, Power, Heat and Noise
  • Less Performance Degradation for Thin Client System Enabled through Simplified Network Topology