Thinklogical Design Center


The Thinklogical Design Center (TLDC) is an invaluable resource available to our customers and partners.  Led by an experienced team of AV, IT and KVM system experts, the Center has worked with customers and partners to provide thousands of conceptual system designs for requirements that range from the straightforward to the extremely innovative and complex. 


Backed by a staff of tenured, industry-specific application and development engineers, the center helps customers and partners discern their needs and requirements, and then develop the appropriate system design.  Often, features and functions are utilized in the design that the customer or partner had not previously considered.  Sometimes, features or functions are customized or even created during the design discussion, utilizing Thinklogical’s rapid product development capability.


Typically, an initial TLDC consultation is a phone call lasting an hour or less.  Initial system designs are usually completed within 24 hours.  All TLDC services and consultations are complimentary. 


To contact the TLDC, please call 800-291-3211, +1 (203) 647-8700, or email [email protected]