Secure IA-Accredited Command and Control Solutions


KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) and VDS (Video Distribution Systems) for:

  • C4ISR, C4, C2, ISR, Command and Control 
  • Geospatial Intelligence
  • Command Centers, Control Rooms and Watch Floors
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Homeland Security
  • Red/Black Military Networks
  • UAV/UAS Operations, Ground Stations and Training
  • Secure Operations and Communications Centers
  • Shipboard Infrastructure: Redundant Bridge and Combat Information Centers
  • Aerospace Operations and Flight Centers
  • Cyber Security and Insider Defense
  • Visualization, Training and Simulation
  • Secure Meeting Centers and SCIFs


Thinklogical manufactures secure KVM extension and switching solutions and video distribution (VDS) for C4ISR and command and control applications. Thinklogical enables instant situational awareness, improves cyber security, lowers TCO and simplifies management of multi-domain content. Our Made in USA products are IA-accredited to The Common Criteria EAL4, NATO NIAPC Evaluation Scheme: GREEN, TEMPEST SDIP 24 Level B and the U.S. DoD DISA JITC UCR APL 2013.


The need for instant access to actionable data in mission-critical command and control applications has never been greater, and the requirement to keep that data secure from intentional or accidental breach or compromise is just as urgent. The ability to accurately analyze video-rich content for situational awareness and rapid decision-making in defense and intelligence operations is a true force multiplier. Defense and intelligence organizations that are tasked with implementing flexible, high-availability command centers and watch floors while still meeting demanding Information Assurance (IA) security requirements can enable instant situational awareness, streamline AV and IT infrastructure, and lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO) with Thinklogical.


Supporting all common AV and IT formats, Thinklogical KVM extenders and matrix switches provide uncompressed, high-bandwidth signal management with no latency or loss of video quality. Thinklogical products enhance cyber-security and are unique in enabling multi-domain isolation in secure visual computing environments through a single chassis - no need to "air gap" duplicate parallel systems to meet information assurance (IA) isolation requirements. Hundreds of defense and intelligence organizations worldwide rely on Thinklogical’s innovative KVM and VDS extension and switching solutions to enhance security, reduce costs and improve productivity.

  • Enable instant situational awareness and information superiority
  • Remove PCs from user workstations
    • Improve cyber security and mitigate intentional or accidental insider threats
    • Enhance work environment: reduce noise, heat and IT clutter
  • Manage multiple classifications through a single IA-accredited solution
    • Eliminate requirement to "air gap" duplicate parallel systems
  • Reduce AV and IT infrastructure expense and lower overall total cost of ownership


Northrop Grumman Triton UAS

For the U.S. Navy's MQ-4C Triton BAMS program, Northrop Grumman required a KVM supplier with experience in meeting the unique performance and reliability requirements of UAS control systems. After an extensive review, Northrop Grumman chose Thinklogical for an IA-accredited operational and training command and control infrastructure that was flexible and secure, and could accurately deliver video and computer peripheral signals over distance without latency or loss of image quality.

White Papers and Application Briefs


White Paper: Recommended Best Practices for the Design of Secure Multi-Domain KVM & Video Systems

When mission-critical applications for C4ISR are involved, it is essential to provide users with secure and high performance KVM and video extension and matrix switching systems that maximize data security and leave little room for downtime. This white paper outlines the best practices for designing and implementing secure and flexible visual computing environments for command and control that meet demanding Information Assurance (IA) standards.

Download the Best Practices white paper



Defense & Intelligence Application Brief

Having a complete picture of the current situation offers a clear advantage. Simplify the management of multi-domain information in secure environments. Within the demanding realm of military and intelligence installations, Thinklogical delivers products that meet the performance, reliability and security standards necessary to fullfill mission-critical, video-rich command and control applications.

Download the complete application brief




Visit the ATCC: The Command Center of the Future

The Advanced Technology Concept Center (ATCC) was designed and built to represent a fully-functional state-of-the-art secure command and control center used by defense and intelligence organizations worldwide for complex, multiple-classification C4ISR applications. The ATCC demonstrates how a Thinklogical KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) and VDS (video distribution system) solution meets the unique needs of these organizations by offering IA-accredited signal extension, switching, restricted switching, redundancy and collaboration capabilities.


A visit to the ATCC is available by appointment. Click HERE to learn more.