Q – 4300 Chassis

  • Interface module options:One single-link DVI display
    • One single-link DVI display, audio and serial
    • One single-link DVI display, audio and network
    • One dual-link DVI display
    • One dual-link DVI display, audio and serial
    • One dual-link DVI display, audio and network
    • One RGB or DVI display, audio and serial
    • Two SD/HD signals or one 3G/dual-link signal and RS-422
  • MRTS technology 6.25Gbps allows for full frame rate transmission of uncompressed DVI
  • All models are available with standard LC type fiber connectors
  • Supported SDI Standards – SMPTE  424M, 292M, 259M, 372M and 425 level A and B compliant
  • Single-mode or multi-mode fiber options extend signals up to:
    • 350 meters using multi-mode fiber type OM2
    • 750 meters using multi-mode fiber type OM3
    • 1000 meters using multi-mode fiber type OM4
    • 40 kilometers (24 miles) using single-mode
    • fiber
  • Stereo emitter for active 3D applications
  • Simple plug and play
  • A dry contact annunciator provides an alarm warning in the event of a power failure or a unit overheating
  • Fully compatible with Thinklogical’s Velocitykvm, Velocitydvi and SDI Xtreme 3G+ Extension Systems
  • Fully compatible with Thinklogical’s VX Routers


Thinklogical’s modular systems allow users to create a flexible, custom, space-saving and easily scalable product. For enhanced resiliency, each extender module is hot-swappable, complete with hot-swappable optical modules. As a system design evolves easily convert a unit from multi-mode to single mode or swap the module to easily reconfigure a system to meet new requirements. Modules include fans to keep the system cool and emit virtually no detectable sound to interfere with the local user.

The rack mountable Q-4300 chassis is ideal for high density applications, where space may be limited. The 1RU, modular design is configurable with up to four Q-Series transmitter or receiver modules, in any combination – as a dual transmitter, dual receiver or transceiver.

The Q-4300 Chassis is ideal for 24/7 environments, where minimal downtime is critical. The system is designed with redundant, current-sharing and hot-swappable power supplies. In the unlikely event that one power module fails, the second automatically switches over to power the unit with no delay or data loss. The failed module may be swapped out, without ever powering down the unit or interrupting operations.


Operating Temp. 0°-50°C; (32°-122°F)

Humidity 5-95% RH, non-condensing


Rack Size: EIA 19″ (483.36mm)

Height:  1U-1.72” (43.69mm)

Depth:  14.62″ (371.37mm)

Width:   17.49″ (444.25mm)

(Tolerance: ± .039″; .100cm)


Weight: 10lbs (4.54kg) per unit – 12lbs (5.44kg) fully loaded

Power Consumption 5 Watts – 45 Watts loaded

Compliance Approvals for US, Canada, and European Union

Warranty 12 months from date of shipment – Extended warranties available


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