Q – 2300 Chassis

  • Interface module options:One single-link DVI display
    • One single-link DVI display, audio and serial
    • One single-link DVI display, audio and network
    • One dual-link DVI display
    • One dual-link DVI display, audio and serial
    • One dual-link DVI display, audio and network
    • One RGB or DVI display, audio and serial
    • Two SD/HD signals or one 3G/dual-link signal and RS-422
  • MRTS technology 6.25Gbps allows for full frame rate transmission of uncompressed DVI
  • All models are available with standard LC type fiber connectors
  • Supported SDI Standards – SMPTE  424M, 292M, 259M, 372M and 425 level A and B compliant
  • Single-mode or multi-mode fiber options extend signals up to:
    • 350 meters using multi-mode fiber type OM2
    • 750 meters using multi-mode fiber type OM3
    • 1000 meters using multi-mode fiber type OM4
    • 40 kilometers (24 miles) using single-mode
    • fiber
  • Stereo emitter for active 3D applications
  • Simple plug and play
  • A dry contact annunciator provides an alarm warning in the event of a power failure or a unit overheating
  • Fully compatible with Thinklogical’s Velocitykvm, Velocitydvi and SDI Xtreme 3G+ Extension Systems
  • Fully compatible with Thinklogical’s VX Routers


Thinklogical’s modular systems allow users to create a flexible, custom, space-saving and easily scalable product. For enhanced resiliency, each extender module is hot-swappable, complete with hot-swappable optical modules. As a system design evolves easily convert a unit from multi-mode to single mode or swap the module to easily reconfigure a system to meet new requirements. Modules include fans to keep the system cool and emit virtually no detectable sound to interfere with the local user.

The compact design of the ¼RU Q-1300 Chassis is ideal for use on or mounted below the desktop, or for wall mounting applications. The modular design is configurable with a single Q-Series transmitter or receiver module.


  • Operating Temp. 0°-50°C; (32°-122°F)
    Humidity 5-95% RH, non-condensing
    Height:  1RU – 1.72” (43.69mm)
    Depth:  11.44” ( 290.64mm)
    Width (w/o mounting hardware):   4.31” (109.50mm)
    (Tolerance: ± .039″; .100cm)
    Weight:  1lbs (0.45kg) per unit
    Shipping Weight: 9lbs (4.08kg) pair
    Power Consumption < 5 watts (10 Watts loaded)
    Supply Voltage 100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz Universal AC power supply
    Compliance Approvals for US, Canada, and European Union
    Warranty 12 months from date of shipment –  Extended warranties available


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