• Configurable up to a 48×48 switch
  • Modular, 16 port data cards
  • 6.25Gbps bandwidth per port
  • Re-clocking technology maintains signal integrity
  • Protocol agnostic
  • Multi-mode and/or single mode applications
  • Completely non-blocking architecture
  • Route video and data up to 80 kilometers
  • MTBF over 100,000 hours
  • Hot-swappable control cards, data input/output cards, power supplies, fan trays, optical modules
  • Optional redundant control cards and power supplies
  • System Management Portfolio for complete router control and management
  • Certified to Common Criteria EAL4, TEMPEST SDIP 27 Level B, NATO NIAPC Evaluation Scheme: GREEN, and US DoD DISA JITC UCR APL 2013 information assurance (IA) accreditations


Thinklogical’s MX and VX Matrix Switches are high-performance, protocol agnostic, modular and non-blocking switches for complete, end-to-end routing of video and peripheral signals over multi-mode or single mode fiber-optic cable.

The bi-directional configuration capability adds simplicity and control over sophisticated video and KVM visual computing environments. Installed in hundreds of applications, MX and VX Matrix Switches provide scalability, flexibility, security and resiliency for AV and IT systems worldwide.

Thinklogical MX and VX Matrix Switches are Information Assurance (IA) accredited to The Common Criteria EAL4, NATO NIAPC Evaluation Scheme: GREEN, TEMPEST SDIP 24 Level B and the U.S. DoD DISA JITC UCR APL. Thinklogical products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

The MX48 is Thinklogical’s most compact, high performance, non-blocking matrix switch for complete, end-to-end routing of video and peripheral signals. The MX48 is scalable in increments of 16 ports, up to 48 ports, for a unidirectional 48×48 or a bidirectional 24×24 switch. Thinklogical’s MX48 incorporates a touch panel, for simple configuration and control. Touch panels are available mounted to the front of the MX48, for a space saving configuration, rack mounted separately from the MX48, or free-standing, for use at the desktop.


  • Optical Distance: Multi-Mode 1000m  ∙ 65m: OM1; 350m: OM2; 750m: OM3; 1000m: OM4
  • Optical Distance: Single Mode up to 80km  ∙ All Distances: OS2 (9/125)
  • Optical Wavelength: Multi-Mode: 850nm; Single Mode: 1310nm (CWDM and DWDM wavelengths available, contact Thinklogical for information)
  • Data Rate: 50Mbps to 6.25Gbps per port; Switching Capacity: 300Gbps
  • Environmental: Operating Temperature: 0°C-50°CHumidity: 5-95% RH, non-condensing
  • Compliance: Approvals for United States of America, Canada, and EU
  • Warranty: One year  ∙ Extended warranties available for purchase
  • Mounting Brackets: 19” Rack Mounting Brackets Included
  • Power Consumption: 80 Watts (fully loaded)
  • Supply Voltage: Universal AC Power Supply, 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz
  • Weight: 20lbs (9.07kg)
  • Dimensions: [Tolerance ± 0.039” (1.00mm)]
  • Rack Size: (Width) EIA 19” (482.60mm)
  • Height x Depth: 3RU 5.22” (132.58mm) x 13.45” (341.50mm) w/ touch panel
  • Software Updates: Mini USB Connector (1)
  • RS-232 Serial Ports: DB9 Female Connectors (2)
  • 10/100 Network: RJ45 Connector (1)
  • Alarm: Closed contact alarm, five position terminal block
  • Cables Included: (1) AC Power Cable & (1) CAT 5, 4.5m (CBL000001-015FR) & (32) 24” 1.0/2.3 to Female BNC Cables per Coaxial Data Card

How To Buy

Part Numbers

Router Chassis
MXR-000048 MX48 Chassis w/ Multi-Mode Card
MXR-000048-FM MX48 Chassis w/ Multi-Mode Card & Front Mount Touch Panel
MXR-000048-RM MX48 Chassis w/ Multi-Mode Card & Rack Mount Touch Panel
MXR-000048-SA MX48 Chassis w/ Multi-Mode Card & Stand Alone Touch Panel
MXR-000S48 MXR-000S48 MX48 Chassis w/ Single Mode Card
MXR-000S48-FM MX48 Chassis w/ Single Mode Card & Front Mount Touch Panel
MXR-000S48-RM MX48 Chassis w/ Single Mode Card & Rack Mount Touch Panel
MXR-000S48-SA MX48 Chassis w/ Single Mode Card & Stand Alone Touch Panel
MXM-D00016 MX48 16 Port Multi-Mode Data Input/Output Card
MXM-D00S16 MX48 16 Port Single Mode Data Input/Output Card
MXM-D00C16 MX48 16 Port Coaxial Data Input/Output Card
MXM-000005 MX48 Control Card
MXM-00RSD1 MX48 Control Card with Removable SD Card
MXM-000002 MX48 Fan Tray
MXM-000003 MX48 Power Supply

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