Integrated Client Transmitter

  • Copper or Fiber 1GbE network connection from VDI server to Integrated Client Transmitter module.
  • Fiber connection to Thinklogical matrix switch or KVM receiver
  • Compatible with Thinklogical Velocity and TLX Series KVM products
  • Supports HDMI 2.0, single or dual head systems and resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz
  • Digital audio (can be extracted to analog at receiver)
  • Supports analog audio (mic/line)
  • Redundant, current-sharing, hot-swappable power supplies
  • Optional separate USB 2.0 data path at 480MB available for CAC applications
  • Intel i5 Processor – 2.4GHz/3GHz (Turbo Mode), Dual Core, 4 Threads, 3MB Cache, Intel HD Graphics 520
  • 4GB RAM –DDR4-2133, 2 Memory Channels, Bandwidth 34.1Gbps
  • Field replaceable 128GB solid state drive
  • Chassis supports up to four modules per single RU


Create more secure, productive and higher-performance VDI and cloud infrastructures using Thinklogical’s all-in-one VDI desktop client and KVM transmitter. Efficiently back-rack your VDI desktop clients and high end graphic computers in IT machine data rooms while providing flexible and secure user access through Thinklogical’s high-performance fiber-optic extension and switching systems.

The Integrated Client transmitter module is a full-featured virtual machine processor combined with a high-performance KVM extender transmitter, eliminating the need for a separate client device in extended VDI installations. The module’s processor acts as a zero client, thin client, or full-featured “fat client” PC and can host any supported VDI client software or operating system including those produced by VMware®, Citrix®, Microsoft® and others. It is also compatible with many third-party accredited software images.

The small-footprint Integrated Client transmitter module simplifies VDI and cloud infrastructure and reduces cost by eliminating the need to purchase separate desktop clients and KVM transmitters and optimizing network topology. This reduces hardware and cabling complexity and expense, and saves a minimum of 50% of the rack space previously required in typical configurations — even more in certain applications. The module increases data security by removing the client device, cables, and network and USB ports from the workspace. And it allows you to more easily pool IT resources for reduced hardware and software licensing costs.

Thinklogical’s patented high-bandwidth and uncompressed KVM extension and switching architecture delivers low-latency system performance identical to if the user was connected directly to the desktop client. Simplify your VDI applications and save costs with the Integrated Client Transmitter.


Enhanced Security

  • Mitigate insider threat by removing client, network and USB 2.0 ports from desk
  • Part of IA-accredited multi-classification solution (EAL4, TEMPEST, NATO NIAPC, JITC UCR APL)
  • Hardware designed to maximize security functions; supports TENS/LPS
  • Compatible with security-based client software; reduced requirements for security patching

High Performance

  • No signal compression, resulting in no added latency or video artifacts, jitter or dropped frames

Easier Integration and Cost Savings

  • Save valuable space at the desktop and rack
  • Reduce IT clutter and cabling; use less power, remove heat and noise
  • Lower hardware and software licensing costs by pooling

Increased Flexibility and Reliability

  • Instantly switch between networks or classification levels
  • Easily incorporate CAC for multi-classification application access
  • Modular, high-density design maximizes space utilization and uptime.
  • Supports all common virtualization software and desktop operating systems: VMware, Citrix, Microsoft


Initial Configuration Support
Copper GbEnetwork connection from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Fiber connection to Thinklogical Matrix Switch or Receiver
Thinklogical Velocity Product Line compatibility
HDMI, single head systems with support for resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
Intel Processor –i5U 6thGen.
SSD –128GB
Virtual Desktop Client –VMware, TENS/LPS

Future Configuration Support
Thinklogical TLX Product Line compatibility
HDMI, dual head systems with support for resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz
Additional fiber port to support separate USB 2.0 for CAC applications
Intel Processor –i7U
Virtual Desktop Client –VMware, TENS/LPS, Citrix, Microsoft

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Part Numbers

ICT-XMF-H01A10 Integrated Client Multi-Mode Transmitter with Fiber Network, Support for TLX, Single Head up to 4K30, Analog Audio, USB HID
ICT-XMF-C01A22 Integrated Client Multi-Mode Transmitter with Fiber Network, Support for TLX, Dual Head up to 4K30, Analog Audio, USB HID, Separate USB 2.0
ICT-VSC-U01A22 Integrated Client Single-Mode Transmitter with Copper Network, Support for VEL, Dual Head up to 4K30, Analog Audio, USB HID & USB 2.0

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