Thinklogical Go-To-Market strategy 


An Overview for our Partners and Potential Partners


We want to aggressively drive Thinklogical growth worldwide. In order to do so, we strongly believe that most of our business must be conducted through partners.


We will follow a selective partner coverage model. By “selective,” we mean that we will choose only those partners that meet certain channel selection criteria based on our needs and their capabilities. In contrast, we do not seek an intensive coverage model; that is, the authorization of as many partners as possible in a region or territory. Equally, we do not seek an exclusive coverage model; that is, the authorization of only one partner in a region or territory. While we recognize that overlap and partner conflict is sometimes unavoidable, when we add a partner it is for the explicit goal of reaching customers whom we are not currently reaching with our existing partner effort. Practically, this means that our partner population will most likely be a mix of small, medium and large partners, all of whom have the skills, resources and experience to win customers for Thinklogical, but in different customer segments, industry segments, regions and territories.


We expect our partners to develop a high growth, profitable “practice” around Thinklogical solutions. They will build an internal business complete with skills, investment and capabilities that result in many new systems deployed to many new customers each year. We will use a direct selling approach only when our customers require it. In most scenarios, we will be involved in a “direct-touch” model.


Become a thinkgrowth Partner!


Thinklogical desires that their partners become experts in selling and deploying Thinklogical solutions. Given the unique and differentiated aspects of our products, Thinklogical requires partners to attend training.


  • Online Product and Technology 100 course are eligible for CTS Renewal Units (RU).
  • After the successful completion of each course the participant is required to take a short online quiz.
  • Once the participant passes the quiz a certification willl be issued.
  • The certification can be used to attain RU credits with InfoComm.


Learn more about Partner Training here or contact us at [email protected]