Broadcast and Post-Production


Thinklogical solutions are deployed worldwide in broadcast and post-production environments. We are committed to the broadcast industry and focused on helping customers succeed as they transition to the digital media world. Thinklogical offers the highest performance, most secure and reliable video/audio and KVM routing and extension solutions available today. Applying the most advanced technology, Thinklogical's professional-grade solutions allow for critical computing resources to be back racked, centralized and allocated as needed. This enables users to access computers located securely away (in some instances kilometers apart) from the broadcast or post-production studio. This also simplifies reconfigurations and eases administration in this ever changing environment. In a rapidly changing technology environment, our entertainment and media clients are able to realize their business objectives and optimize their performance using Thinklogical’s leading-edge technology solutions.


New! Zero-Latency 4K Cloud Solution for VFX and Post

Thinklogical is the first to offer the media and entertainment industry a secure, uncompressed, high performance private cloud option supporting full-resolution 4K and HDR video editing and image sequence workflows with pixel-for-pixel accuracy and zero latency. 


Thinklogical’s new 100-percent uncompressed, non-IP private cloud solution provides smooth, zero-latency video, KVM and UI control, and supports 4K DCI 4:4:4 video sequences, at up to 60 frames-per-second. Thinklogical’s patented transmission technology can transport ten of these uncompressed 4K signals – with zero-latency UI and I/O - over a single fiber. This performance is available at distance of up to 50 miles over fiber-optic cabling. A VFX or post facility in London, New York or Los Angeles, for example, can achieve on-premise quality system performance from any data center in their metro region. An uncompressed, full-resolution, 4K-capable private cloud is now a viable choice for creative professionals.


With Thinklogical’s new private cloud solution, VFX and post houses can increase productive space and save on energy and maintenance costs by moving servers and IT infrastructure to a remote, managed colocation facility. The new cloud solution also supports MPAA content security best practices by separating and securing vulnerable video sources and stored content from easy access by end-users, protecting content from theft, hacking or intentional and accidental data breaches.


  • Extend 4K DCI 4:4:4 (24/30/48/60 fps) & KVM Without Latency or Artifacts
  • Smooth and Seamless Computer I/O Peripheral Device Performance
  • Reduce IT Infrastructure and Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increase Content Security and Implement MPAA Best Practices
  • Improve Collaboration, Pipelines and Workflows
  • Enhance Creativity and Productivity 


Download the Cloud Solution Datasheet to learn more. 


Zero-Latency 4K Cloud Editing Solution

The Mill

Thinklogical solutions help The Mill continue their winning run of creative work at their new 24,000 square-foot facility

“There was no doubt that Thinklogical would be the company to provide the video and KVM solutions for the new facility. Thinklogical provided us with a system that can grow with us and the new technology allows us to streamline our workflows, we are now able to have multiple positions in each edit suite.”

- Graeme Back, Head of Engineering; The Mill LA 

Customer Success Story - ESPN Sports Center

The new home of SportsCenter and other studio programming, ESPN’s 194,000-sq.-ft. Digital Center 2, which launches next month, houses five studios, six production-control rooms, and four audio-control rooms...Thinklogical fiber-optic KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) signal-extension and -routing technology has been deployed in a hub-and-spoke configuration throughout DC2.

Films at 59

Thinklogical provides Films at 59 a fiber optic extension solution that connects their new editing suites to their main headquarters building down the block.

NEP, NBC Roll Out New Home for Sunday Night Football

NBC's Sunday Night Football production team will now work in the NEP ND1, the next-generation mobile production truck eqiupped with Thinklogical gear.

EFfilm Digital Laboratories

Thinklogical’s VX160 routerVelocitykvm extension systems, and TRANSplex multiplexer/demultiplexer were deployed to serve as a high-performance infrastructure for EFILM’s digital laboratory business.



Thinklogical provides a comprehensive routing and extension solution for Avid’s state-of-the-art customer center.

Animal Logic

Thinklogical's routers and Velocitykvm extension systems were deployed by Animal Logic to create the movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.

Psyop’s Editing Rooms


Thinklogical provides an improved workflow for Psyop’s editing rooms.

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Broadcast and Post Production 

Thinklogical enables creative professionals to work more efficiently and productively

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Gaining Competitive Advantage from Switching and Extension Infrastructures: Design Considerations for Post-Production