Energy and Utilities

The constant flow of video-rich data is a core requirement for safe and efficient operations in the Energy and Utility industries. Infrastructure and equipment requirements include mission-critical, reliable operation in demanding conditions and cyber security features that provide the highest level of identity management and restricted routing to ensure security classifications and guard against cyber threats.


Applications for high performance KVM and video extension and switching systems include:


  • Control Rooms (Primary and Remote/Backup)
  • Process Monitor Computer Systems (OAC – Operator Aid Computer)
  • Simulation and Training Facilities
  • Remote Monitoring Station
  • Visualization and Exploration
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Video Conferencing Centers


Global leaders in the Energy and Utilities market rely on Thinklogical for secure fiber-optic based systems and solutions that limit operational risk, improve workflow, and abide by regulatory compliance. Thinklogical solutions are able to securely locate critical computing assets, away from user desktops or extreme working conditions.


KVM Benefits:

  • Ability to locate critical computing assets away from user environment
  • Improved collaboration and operational workflows
  • Noise and heat reduction to improve concentration and efficiency
  • Increased security and space maximization


Thinklogical KVM Features and Benefits

  • Secure, fiber-optic based technology
  • Immediate, real-time access to data and video sources
  • Transmit uncompressed video, computer peripheral and data signals up to 80 km
  • Highest mean time between failure (MTBF) in the market today
  • Redundant systems for seamless operation in mission-critical applications
  • Hot-swappable components for increased reliability
  • Dry contact alarms and remote monitoring for maximum system uptime
Customer Success Story - Building a Flexible, Dual-Purpose Back-Up Control Center

Thinklogical delivers a compliant, future-proof and flexible back up control center with the ability to switch from training mode to back-up mode.