White Papers

Gaining Competitive Advantage from Switching and Extension Infrastructures: Design Considerations for Post-Production

This white paper addresses industry changes, and how a future-proof technology infrastructure
optimized for the new collaborative digital workflow plays an important role in helping
creative professionals and their organizations maintain productivity, quality, customized
services and profitability.

Design Considerations for Real-Time Operating Centers

Best Practices for Asset Integrity and Secure Information Management for the Oil and Gas Industry.

This white paper examines best practices for the design of the underlying system to securely
control, manage and distribute the flow of information to, from and within the Real-Time Operating Center.

Recommended Best Practices for the Design of Secure Multi-Domain KVM and Video Routing Systems

When mission-critical applications for secure facilities and C4ISR are involved, system integrators and administrators understand that it is essential to provide users with KVM and video extension and routing systems that leave little room for downtime. This white paper from Thinklogical outlines the best practices for designing and implementing highly secure visual computing environments for command and control that meet demanding Information Assurance standards.