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Enabling Real-time Operation with Security in Mind

Real-time Operating Centers and collaboration/training centers have become standard for day-to-day operations in the oil and gas industry. These centers are used to address a variety of operating disciplines such as monitoring offshore drilling and production, visualization and well planning, drilling simulation and training, disaster recovery, and more.

With real-time data access and exchange, cyber security becomes paramount for operating centers, and a system must be in place to ensure the integrity and security of this data, no matter where its destination or application. Join this Thinklogical webcast to find out how secure fiber-optic KVM and video extension and switching solutions can address the ongoing challenge of data security for all disciplines within Real-time Operating Centers.

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Post Production Trends: Delivering Multi-User Infrastructure to Support Ultra-High Definition and File-Based Workflows

Presented by Broadcast Engineering • Sponsored by Thinklogical

The need to increase speed and productivity while managing costs while still delivering expected service level quality has never been greater in the post-production world. Providers are looking for ways to enable improved collaboration – often in multi-user, multi-campus environments across long distances -- while maintaining the integrity and security of ultra-high definition (UHD), file-based workflows including 4K content.

In this webinar participants will hear how one of Hollywood’s most advanced digital laboratories increased productivity and delivered enhanced color grading services for its customers without compromising performance or quality by implementing a remote secondary digital intermediate (DI) and special effects facility built on a long-distance fiber optic infrastructure.

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