ICT Integrated Client Transmitter for Amulet Hotkey

All in one, space saving rack-mountable module for PC over IP applications using the Amulet Hotkey zero client architecture.

  • Security: Remove the Network and USB 2.0 ports from the desk; Certified multi-domain solution
  • High Performance: All data is transported uncompressed, with no added latency, no video artifacts, jitter or dropped frames, and no reduction in USB 2.0 bandwidth (480Mbps)
  • Integration Benefits: Space savings (12 in 3RU), reduced cabling, reduced power, heat and noise
  • Hot-swappable transmitter module
  • Hot-swappable SFPs
  • The Thinklogical card is powered by the DXiP chassis’ available redundant, hot-swappable power supplies
  • Separate USB 2.0 signal extension for dual factor authentication, or alternate USB 2.0 applications


Create more secure, productive and higher-performance remote computing infrastructures using Thinklogical’s all-in-one rackmount Integrated Client Transmitter extender supporting the Amulet Hotkey DXR-Z4 PCoIP Zero Client.

The Thinklogical Integrated Client Transmitter for Amulet Hotkey DXR-Z4 host card is a full-featured fiber-optic KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) extender combined with the Amulet Hotkey DXR-Z4 zero client, based on the Tera2 PCoIP chipset. This unique integrated module saves rack space, reduces heat, noise, cabling and power requirement.

You can install up to 12 Integrated Client Transmitters in the Amulet Hotkey DXiP rack mounted in an IT server room and provide flexible and secure user access through Thinklogical’s high-performance fiber-optic KVM extension and switching system. This reduces hardware and cabling
complexity and expense and saves a minimum of 50% of the rack space previously required in typical configurations — even more in certain applications.

Rack mounting the module with the DXR-Z4 zero client also increases data security by removing cables, and network and USB ports from the workspace. Thinklogical’s patented high-bandwidth, uncompressed KVM extension and switching signal distribution architecture delivers low-latency system performance identical to if the user was connected directly to the Amulet Hotkey zero client.

Together, Amulet Hotkey and Thinklogical enable the only NATO Certified, multi-domain extension and switching solution that supports the Teradici PCoIP architecture. When deployed together users can now achieve an end-to-end Information Assurance (IA) Accredited video distribution infrastructure while benefiting from a 50-80% reduction in deployed rack space.

Simplify your remote computing infrastructure and save costs with the Integrated Client Transmitter for Amulet Hotkey from Thinklogical.


  • Copper/Fiber GbE network connection from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Fiber connection to Thinklogical Matrix Switch or Receiver
  • Thinklogical TLX & Velocity Product Line compatibility
    • TLX compatible modules support four video signals up to 1920×1200 or two video signals up to dual 2560×1600. The Thinklogical card supports four [email protected] signals, providing for future Amulet Hotkey client upgrades.
    • Velocity compatible modules support four video signals up to 1920×1200
  • Analog Audio (Line In/Out) Support
  • USB HID Compatibility
  • USB 2.0 Compatibility
  • Optional, additional fiber port to support separate USB 2.0 for CAC applications
  • Mini USB Update Port for configuration, status and updates
  • Compatible with Amulet Hotkey’s DXR-Z4 Zero Client Module, product version PV 2.2.A or later
  • DXiP chassis requires one 500W power supply; two required for redundancy (CA-DXRK-0014)
  • Height: 5.2” (132.1 mm)
  • Depth (including connector): 9.39” (238.5  mm)
  • Width: 0.99″ (25.1 mm)
  • Tolerance: ± .01″; (.254 mm)
  • Module Weight (with SFPs): 1.79 lbs. (810 g)
  • 6 Fiber-Optic Ports (SFPs):
    • 4 Video ports – Up to 4 heads of 1920 x 1200 for Velocity Systems
      • Up to 4 heads of 4K 30 or 2 heads of 4K 60 for TLX Systems
    • 1 Dedicated USB 2.0 Port (optional)
    • 1 Network Port configurable as Fiber or Copper
  • External Audio Line IN (3.5mm)
  • External Audio Line OUT (3.5mm)
  • Debug and Control (UPDATE port)
  • Operating Temp and Humidity: 0° to 40°C (32° to 122 °F), 5% to 95% RH, non-condensing
  • Power Requirements: 24VAC, 20W
  • Power Consumption: ~18 Watts
  • Compliance: Approvals for US, Canada, and European Union
  • Warranty: 1 Year from date of shipment.  Extended warranties available.


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Part Numbers

ACT-VMF-H00040 Integrated Client Velocity Multi-Mode Transmitter, Fiber Network – Quad Video, Analog Audio & USB HID
ACT-VMC-HC0050 Integrated Client Velocity Multi-Mode Transmitter, Copper Network – Quad Video, Analog Audio, USB HID & Separate USB 2.0
ACT-XMF-U00040 Integrated Client TLX Multi-Mode Transmitter, Fiber Network – Quad Video, Analog Audio, USB HID & USB 2.0
PLEASE NOTE: Refer to datasheet for full list of part numbers for ordering.

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