Case Studies

Customer Success Story: Going the Extra Mile for a Seamless Event

Read how Thinklogical helped WorldStage Inc. overcome some common challenges in live event production by providing solution availability, on-time product delivery and product reliability.

Customer Success Story - Building a Flexible, Dual-Purpose Back-Up Control Center

Thinklogical delivers a compliant, future-proof and flexible back up control center with the ability to switch from training mode to back-up mode.

ESPN Digital Center 2’s Powerful Control Rooms

The new home of SportsCenter and other studio programming, ESPN’s 194,000-sq.-ft. Digital Center 2, which launches next month, houses five studios, six production-control rooms, and four audio-control rooms...Thinklogical fiber-optic KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) signal-extension and -routing technology has been deployed in a hub-and-spoke configuration throughout DC2.

Customer Success Story - Northrop Grumman

Thinklogical delivers mission-critical performance and reliability for unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations and training.

Customer Success Story Reprint: NEP, NBC Roll Out New Home for Sunday Night Football

NBC's Sunday Night Football production team will now work in the NEP ND1, a next-generation mobile production truck equipped with a Thinklogical high-performance uncompressed KVM system. 

Customer Success Story - UNITED

United is a full service organization which provides technical and creative support services for multimedia audio-visual productions for many European markets. It is also the biggest facilitator of audio-visual productions in the Netherlands and is Holland’s second largest broadcast post operation. In a this highly competitive market, United retains its leading edge by implementing reliable technologies that production clients want to work with and that are flexible enough to handle any project that comes through the door. Learn why United chose Thinklogical to replace a copper-based KVM routing and extension system that was limiting their ability to deliver

Customer Success Story – The Mill

Thinklogical solutions help The Mill continue their winning run of creative work at their new 24,000 square-foot facility

Customer Success Story - Efilm's Digital Laboratories

Thinklogical’s VX160 router, Velocitykvm extension systems, and TRANSplex multiplexer/demultiplexer were deployed to serve as a high-performance infrastructure for EFILM’s digital laboratory business.

Customer Success Story - Avid

Thinklogical provides a comprehensive routing and extension solution for Avid’s state-of-the-art customer center.


Customer Success Story - Animal Logic

Thinklogical's routers and Velocitykvm extension systems were deployed by Animal Logic to create the movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.


Customer Success Story - Psyop’s Editing Rooms

Thinklogical provides an improved workflow for Psyop’s editing rooms.

Customer Success Story - Alford Media Services

For Alford Media Services, the award-winning, nationwide event support company, a successful show means being sure every seat in the house is a good one whether they're using a single monitor, multiple screens, or a widescreen. To make that happen, they need to send a clear video signal from the operator's station to projector, across a ballroom, theater, sanctuary, or stadium each and every time. And to do that, Alford chooses Thinklogical and their fiber-based Velocitydvi Series of video, audio and network extension products.


Customer Highlight: QED Productions Map An Entire Island With d3
  • "Thinklogical solutions gave us the ability to provide our clients with what they want and need most for their productions and this allows us to keep our qualitative edge."

    Marc Ruesen

    Manager Business Development

  • "Thinklogical provides us with a system that can grow with us and the new technology allows us to streamline our workflows, we are now able to have multiple positions (workstations) in each edit suite."

    Graeme Back

    Head of Engineering

    The Mill LA

  • "Thinklogical provided the BAMS Mission Control System operators with a user experience that is not compromised, even when accessing multiple systems, this is key."

    Sam Guinto

    Northrup Grumman's


    System Integrator and Test Lead