Air Traffic Control


Secure, efficient and reliable KVM extension systems to meet the demands of Air Traffic Control.


Air Traffic Control plays a critical role in the 24/7 operation of a busy airport. At the hub of the control center is the control tower, which utilizes a host of computer equipment but is limited on space.

For a seamless operation within the tower, a KVM extension system from Thinklogical will provide:


  • Support for all common computer and video signal formats, including UHD/4K
  • A future-proof, high-bandwidth, fiber-optic infrastructure
  • Space maximization with modular, rack-mountable, flexible components
  • The ability to separate computers from end-users (up to 80km)
  • Noise and heat reduction to improve concentration
  • Improved staff collaboration and operational workflow
  • Increased system performance, accuracy, and security


Used at many of the world’s busiest airports, Thinklogical’s ATC solution combines a family of KVM transmitters and receivers, optical matrix router technology and a centralized management system that provides maximum flexibility for establishing an environment that meets the specific requirements of air traffic control facilities or airport control tower operations.




Key features and benefits of a complete, end-to-end Thinklogical solution include:

  • Secure, fiber-optic based technology
  • Immediate, real-time access to data and video sources
  • Transmit uncompressed video, computer peripheral and data signals up to 80 km
  • Highest mean time between failure (MTBF) in the market today
  • Redundant systems for seamless operation in mission-critical applications
  • Hot-swappable components for increased reliability
  • Dry contact alarms and remote monitoring for maximum performance




Thinklogical plays a key role in the effort of modernizing not only the nation's air traffic control systems, but systems worldwide.