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VelocityDVI 3 Direct Fiber Optic Input Card

Direct Fiber Input Card for Christie® Entero™ HB Video Wall Cubes


The VelocityDVI 3 Direct Fiber Input Card supports one single-link DVI signal, for extension up to 80km without any loss of resolution. Powered by Thinklogical’s patented Multi-Rate Transmission System (MRTS) technology, every frame of a video stream is transported seamlessly, with no compression or dropped frames.


This solution provides a simple installation, eliminating the need for an external receiver, an additional external power supply and a DVI cable, typically used to connect the receiver to the display. Christie Entero HB video wall cubes utilize LED’s and are ideal for 24/7 environments. Combined with Thinklogical’s MTBF of over 100,000 hours and ability to hot-swap an optical module in the unlikely event of a failure, this direct input card solution provides users with continuous operation. As a fiber based solution, users increase their security, eliminating the electromagnetic interference found in copper cabling.



  • Supports One Single-Link DVI signal (All single-link DVI signals)
  • 6.25Gbps allows for full frame rate transmission of uncompressed DVI
  • Patented MRTS Technology provides flawless image quality with no frame dropping
  • HDCP Compliant (with HDCP Compliant Transmitter)
  • DDC/EDID Compliant
  • Mini-USB port for future software program updates
  • LC fiber connectors
  • Hot-swappable optical module (SFP+)
  • Simple plug and play design
  • MX and VX Router Compatibility, Scalable from 5 to 640 ports
  • LED Status Lights
    - Software revision
    - Hardware code revision
    - Fiber input link
    - Video receiving
    - Temperature
    - Active back channel output
    - SFP status
    - Valid EDID table
  • Multi-Mode or Single Mode Compatibility
    - Multi-Mode Extension up to 1000 meters
    - Single Mode Extension up to 80 kilometers

Video Resolution: DVI-D, All single-link DVI resolutions

Operating Temperature: 0°C-50°C; 32°F-122°F

Humidity: 5-95% RH, Non-condensing

Optical Cable: Two (2) Multi-Mode or Single Mode Fiber Optic Cables (Not supplied, available for purchase)

Optical Distance:
Multi-Mode: 1000m -50m: OM1 (62.5/125) ∙ 350m: OM2 (50/125) ∙ 750m: OM3 (50/125 SX+) ∙ 1000m: OM3e (50/125eSX+)
Single Mode up to 80km – All Distances: OS2 (9/125)

Compliance: Approvals for United States of America, Canada, and European Union

Warranty: 12 months from date of shipment – Extended warranties available for purchase

Height - 1.090” (27.69mm)
Depth - 3.772” (95.81mm)
Width - 2.795” (70.99mm)
Tolerance - ± .039” (0.99mm)
Weight - .448 lbs. (0.203kg)
Shipping - 3 lbs. (1.36kg)

Power Consumption: 5 Watts



Part Number and Description

VEL-CHR003-LCRX Velocity 3 Direct Fiber Input Card for Christie® Entero™ HB Video Wall Cubes, Single Link DVI Receiver, HDCP, DDC, LC

To configure as Single Mode extender, include either:

VOP-S04   Single Mode Optics Package for extension up to 10km

VOP-S101  Single Mode Optics Package for extension up to 40km

VOP-STBD  Single Mode Optics Package for extension up to 80km